RIP Dyson

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Mission: Mission 5: Shore leave (Finally!)
Location: Victory
Timeline: MD 5 - 1 1130


< Engineering >

Ensign Zarvice had also made connection with Dyson, the V6 autobot and in his spare moments had collected its main frame and casing, with Romon's permission. Once Victory arrived to a starbase the device was to be returned to research and development but the ride home would be several days.

After a days time to reassemble, trading sleep for passion, Zarvice made a remarkable discovery as he found it possible to restore Dyson back to his original programming.

" Lt Shaw, I know we are busy but I have been working on reassembling zhe V6 prototype, on my off hours. I believe it possible to reenergize his internal positronic net but it appears to be missing a key emitter component. His medical emitter componet has been removed and replaced with a dorment device for power modulation and lower system functions, " Zarvice reported to Kendra as she was his immediate supervisor being Chief.

Kendra raised an eyebrow and said, "Well, was this authorized? I can do it. Bring it over there."

Kelly was making her rounds. One stop was to be Engineering to remind Kendra she needed her end of the year diagnostic report. As she walked into the department she overheard Zarvice's remark. "Ensign Zarvice....who authorized reassembly of the V6 unit?" she asked not hiding her disgust in the idea."

Zarvice gulped germanicly, " At the request of Doctor Romon Commander. He said we had to reassemble Dyson in order to return him to Star Fleet. If I had that emitter I could fire his positronic system's back to life. "

"That thing is not to be reassembled on this ship!" Kelly commanded, vehemently. "That's an order, Ensign. Don't make me repeat myself." Without waiting for the Ensign to respond she turned to Kendra and, softening her tone only slightly said, "Lieutenant, I need your end of the year diagnostic report. I'll be in the Ready Room when you have it.". With that she shot a hateful glare at the remnants of the V6 unit then Zarvice then she stormed out of Engineering and headed for the Bridge.

Zarvice was overwhelmed as both orders contradicted the other.

" Why does she hate Dyson ? Vhat do I do chief ? " he asked Kendra shaw.

Kendra nodded at Kelly and replied, "Well, I don't know the full details, but, I can somewhat relate. But, my thoughts on it are going to remain unsaid. As far as what you did, I Guess you didn't get her permission." Being caught in the middle of things, Kendra was hesitant to do anything with the V7 Unit. "Zarvice, let me see if I can talk with Kelly about this before anything is done. In the mean time, go about your duties. I also need to get my report in."

" Yes Chief. i'm sorry for not getting permission. It was a favor to the Doctor." Zarvice replied.

Romon struggled to get up but was determined to return to duty as the Victory's chief medical officer. He had not seen Kelly in a few days and knew why as he had blamed her for ordering security to fire on Dyson, resulting in its death. Yes death, he deduced , as Dyson had evolved beyond mere sentiency in his mind. For if he was not dead then why did Romon feel him so strongly now that he was no longer among them. Dyson had saved them from the mushroom anti-borg spores and had made friends. Toasters and vacuum cleaners weren't known to do that, even in the 24th century. Tapping his comm badge he swallowed his pride.

" Captain Wallace, this is Romon Ma... Romon, permission to resume my duties please ? "

"Yes Doctor, unless there is any medical issue that is more pressing with you I see no reason not to continue with your duties." John said "I'm off the ship now for the next few days, Wallace out."

Romon's gut slumped as he knew kelly was in charge and that he would have to face her at some point.

" Thank you Captain. Everyday with out Max is a testiment to the deities. I am the only known Trill to ever live without my symbiont, past a day. I feel great actually." Romon replied.

Completing his call to the Captain, Romon strolled out of his quarters and down to engineering to check in with Zarvice attempt to rebuild Dyson. Exiting the lift just as Commander Kelly Michaels entered it.

" Kelly, I've been given permission to go back to work." Romon began with.

"I'm glad," Kelly said, stopping only briefly as she pointed to the doors to engineering. "That thing in there is not to be reassembled and reactivated while on this ship. I have made it a direct order to Engineering and I am doing the same to you, doctor. I trust you remember what that means," she said, emphatically then stormed off.

Kendra was getting her report ready and was so deep in thought. She hated being caught in the middle of things and was so bothered. As soon as the diagnostic report was finished, Kendra went to the Bridge and headed to the Ready Room and pressed the door chime.

"Enter," Kelly called out from behind Wallace's desk.

Kendra, with her padd in hand, entered and said, "I have the full year-end diagnostic report you requested and I do have something to ask of you, if you have a moment."

Kelly took the PADD from Kendra and smiled as she gestured to one of the chairs in front of the desk. "Thank you," she said, holding up the PADD. "What's on your mind?" she asked, picking up her coffee cup and taking a sip.

As Kendra sat down, she said, "I am a bit bothered being caught in the crosshairs about the V6 or V7, however it is called, and, is there anyway that the model can be rebuilt? I don't want to go against your orders. I know you are adamant about not having it be repaired or built, but, Zarvice seems to be so intent on having it around. Now, I won't intentionally question your orders, but, if you don't mind me asking, why can't it be rebuilt?" Kendra just had to ask.

"Because it began to have it's own agenda," Kelly said, sitting back in the chair. "And that agenda posed a threat. I'm sorry you got caught in the middle of this but I stand by my order." Kelly wasn't big on giving orders but this was one she was serious about.

Kendra replied, "Thank you for being clear on it. I will have Zarvice remove it from Engineering, or, I will remove it myself. Do you want me to have it dismantled by me and my staff?" Kendra didn't mind dismantling it now that she understood Commander Kelly's reasoning.

Kelly smiled and nodded. Her voice softened as she said, "yes. Thank you, Kendra. I appreciate it." Maybe now this whole Dyson nightmare would be over. They could get it off the ship and get on with their lives. There were enough threats in the galaxy. They didn't need one within their walls.

Romon finished saying good bye to Dyson, as Zarvice put it back into the container it had arrived in. With one last touch he exited engineering, realizing he would never see the device again.

Zarvice then pulled the device onto the cargo lift and headed down a deck to the cargo transporter room. In a matter of a few minutes both the crate and its contents were beamed away. Tapping his comm badge, Zarvice informed the XO.

=.\= Its gone ma'am. Star fleet recalled it an asked me to beam it to their team. Just thought you should know. Zarvice out.=.\ =

Kelly breathed a sigh of relief as she tapped her combadge. "Thank you, Ensign," she said and leaned back in the chair.