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XO in the head while in the head

Posted on Mon Dec 28th, 2015 @ 10:58am by Commander Kelly Michaels & Ensign Aiden McLeod PHD

Mission: Mission 5: Shore leave (Finally!)
Location: Head (Bathroom) off of main bridge
Timeline: MD5 - 1 0815

Aiden makes his way into the bridge's head, a room that was hidden so well that anyone who didn't know where it exactly was would never find it. For some reason Starfleet did not like to mark their restrooms on any ship. He pushed the panel and it slid open silently... he walked in and stood in front of the washbasin and gazed into the well lit mirror behind it. Running some water he washed his face and gazed into his reflection noticing his new trill spots had formed going down the side of his neck and the top of his bald head.

Max, you are turning out to be a big annoyance, had I known... Aiden thought to the symbiont.

Max interrupted, Excuse me mister... there were a few things I would have never known about you. I see a very vibrant, young, and if you don't see it yourself I see a very attractive man. My last female host would have jumped your bones the first chance she got. Max chuckled a bit as some of her sexcapades flashed before Aiden's mind's eye. Had I know you were a total virgin I may have waited for a more mature host... however you were what was available at the time and I'm just thankful I'm not dead. At least I know you have a sexual button to push I was beginning to fear a boring lifetime with you.

Boring? Aiden protested.

Max chuckled in his head, Whether you realize it or not... I have needs... and we share those needs. I want some excitement and as soon as we get to the planet we are going to have some fun and you are going to learn to like it.

He spoke out loud, "But Kelly Michaels is my XO it's not appropriate."

Max spoke through him, "it's a part of my history a bit of baggage you are stuck with, I am sorry. That's why we usually disassociate with our previous host's friends when the host is lost. But Romon is not lost and I... we both... feel an obligation to him. And there is no legal precedent for my reassignment. We will learn to deal with this."

Aiden-Max blinked as his eyes went out of focus and his reflection was replaced by the image of Kelly Michaels not in uniform. Max spoke again telepathically, you need to make peace with her right now... this is a construct of her from my memories.

"Commander..." he started, "Kelly... I like you plenty, as a friend, but I'm not Romon. You are my friend... but I feel the echos of what was."

Kelly struck a seductive pose and said in a sultry voice, "why wouldn't you, Max? This...," she, slowly, moved her hand down her side from just under her ample breasts to her thigh, " unforgettable."

Aiden felt an intense tightening of a very sensitive place Stop that Max, this is inappropriate. He began to chant, "My commanding officer, my commanding officer," like a buddhist mantra until the sensation went away. He opened his eyes and looked at the conjured image of Kelly Michaels. "Yes you are very pretty... but this is inappropriate... and insulting to Romon." He was breaking a sweat from an arousal within that he never felt.

Max interjected, when we go to the planet's surface I want some excitement... I want to live and you need loosen up and live a bit. You have to get your ass out of that laboratory and see what the universe has to offer.

He stared at the mirror and the conjured image of Kelly was still there Aiden was beginning to think he was losing his mind.

The vision in the mirror wavered and changed to a lakeside on a gorgeous day. Rising up out of the water, Kelly's naked body glistened as the water drained off of it. She moved in slow motion and raised her hands to her head, smoothing her long hair down as she walked out of the lake and moved towards Aiden.

Aiden clenched his fists and his breathing stated to flutter as he felt a rise in his heart rate... he never would look at other humans before... he denied himself this luxury to avoid the controversy of his orion heritage. Yet the pressure from below began to swell once more.

Max began to speak again, Aiden, you are not hideous by any means... maybe not Kelly Michaels, but I've watched you while I was with Romon... other ladies, and a few men notice you. I've been around a long time and I know what it looks like when someone notices someone. Please, you are not hideous... you are not something to be shunned... and you are not damaged goods. You can have someone in your life if you only make room.

Aiden looked up and the image of Kelly Michaels was now wearing a very attractive dress, "I'm sorry... I meant no disrespect," he said as the pressure from below once again released and he felt his pulse rate drop. "This is all new... frightening to me."

"You were beautiful as Aiden McLeod and you are even more so as Aiden Max," the image of Kelly said in a sweet voice. "If I were not so in love with Romon..." she said with a playful wink and then the image faded until it was gone.

Aiden smiled and said to himself, "Max she loves Roman... but I will open the door to see what happens. Perhaps we will explore things a bit down on the planet." He washed his face and squared up his uniform. When his composure was regained he made his way back to the conference room to find the meeting was over.


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