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Fancy Some Lunch?

Posted on Tue Jan 12th, 2016 @ 6:58am by Captain John Wallace & Lieutenant Sara Smith
Edited on on Tue Jan 12th, 2016 @ 6:58am

Mission: Mission 5: Shore leave (Finally!)
Location: Captains Quaters
Timeline: MD5-1 1100

Sorry I don't know all the locations or timeline stuff can you help me?


Sara Jane waited for the meeting to be over and the conference room was mostly cleared out except for the crewmen who came in to tidy it up. She smiled at the Captain, "Sir. For what it is worth, excellent job on the mission... would you fancy some dinner? I would enjoy your company and would like to get to know you better."

"Thank you, could we do lunch instead?, I have family on the colony I'm meeting and I'd like to beam down when we get into orbit, say the officers mess in half an hour I have to file a report," John asked?

"A working lunch would do nicely," she said, "besides I have to file a report with the diplomatic corps and it would be quite nice if we could compare notes. That was no easy mess to clean up, but I think those people will enjoy the freedom the new provisional government will provide." Sara smiled, "I hear you have a great chef who can make excellent British fish and chips."

"He does when he has fresh stocks to do so, I'll check in with him and find out." John said.

Sara looked at his eyes and noticed that there was many years of experience concentrated in the younger man, "no we'll find out when we get there. You really care about your crew I can see it in everything you do." She motioned to the door of his ready room, "let's go eat and finish the dreaded reports so that we can enjoy that lovely planet. I'm hoping to do a bit of shopping, perhaps take in a show."

"I'm going to see my niece and nephew and their mother who live along to coast." John said tossing some garments into his bag.

Note to self, she thought as she looked at the well worn couch, he spends more time here than his quarters. Pack that green shirt... I think you will look nice in it." She smiled as she watched him grab a few things. "So are you from this colony or some planet near here?"

"I'm from Mars originally, My dad was a shipyard shift lead up until about seven years ago, My sister-in-law relocated here after an accident that everyone thought left my brother dead." John said tossing the green shirt in his bag, "Mom moved to Mars after my parents,from Betazed."

Sarah Jane raised an eyebrow, "So is your Mom your original mother or adoptive, since you have parents from Betazed? Or are you that tired and need the rest... I can totally skip the lunch if you want to go on the way, or I would be glad to accompany you to the planet's surface as I am sure we are both staying at the same resort. I don't even need to pack as I have everything I need in here." She said as she patted her trusty handbag and smiled slyly.

"I'm not staying at the resort, I'm staying at the cabin that intel uses as a safe house," John said.

"Oh," she said disappointed, "I don't know many people was hoping to at least see one familiar face. Your XO does not want to spend some time on shore leave... and I'm not sure about the Green fellow. The German seems quite pleasant," she sighed, "but somehow I don't think we have much in common."

John paused "The safe house does have an extra room if you want to come along."

She brightened up a bit, "that would be lovely, I won't interfere with any of your business... I just think that if I am going to be an effective diplomat on board your ship, I need to know you... we need to trust each other." She smiled, "I already know you would go into the gates of hell for your crew. I want you to be comfortable to know that I would dance the waltz with the devil if it means keeping you and your crew safe."

"Now you mentioned lunch, something I could definitely use, shall we?" John said as he zipped up his bag.

"I'm famished," she said with a smile, "how about finding something on the planet's service and dining al' fresco?"

"The farming settlement where the cabin is located has a couple of restaurants, there cafe their is apparently popular." John said as he lifted his bag.

"Then why are we standing here wasting precious planet side sunlight," She said with a chuckle, "transporter or shuttle?"

"Shuttle, the fewer people who know where i am the better."



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