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Mission Briefing: shore leave!

Posted on Mon Dec 28th, 2015 @ 10:57am by Ensign Aiden McLeod PHD & Captain John Wallace & Commander Kelly Michaels & Lieutenant Commander Romon Max & Major James Conelly Jr & Lieutenant Sara Smith & Lieutenant Kurt Hartmann & Lieutenant JG Daisy Skie-Cloud & Lieutenant JG R'nard Lokran
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Mission: Mission 5: Shore leave (Finally!)
Location: Main Briefing room
Timeline: MD5-1 0800


John was sitting back at the head of the table in the briefing room, he'd been back aboard the Victory for about ten hours, he was tired and looking forward too the shore leave. He looked too the officers gathered.

"I'm going to get started..." John said waiting for silence, "We are going to be putting in at the Corsica Colony for repairs and leave."

Kelly had spent the last couple of hours convincing the doctor on call that she was fit for duty. Once he finally signed her release she hurried to the briefing room. Walking in she lowered her head, apologetically, and said, "sorry for being late, sir. It won't happen again," and she took her seat.

Aiden Max McLeod chuckled a bit not knowing why and said, "there's a first time for everything." He smiled brightly as he turned to Romon, "Doctor Romon, Max has talked me into staying on the crew. By Trill law, a symbiont cannot associate with the friends of his previous host when that host dies so he believes that since you live there will be no violation of the law if I stay. Besides, Max wants me to look after you... he says we are now brothers in every way."

Romon just smiled as Aiden spoke, well aware of the emotions he must be feeling, as Max was very vivacious at times.

" The sentiment is shared Aiden. Captain my recovery is nearly complete. For the most part I am almost healed. The loss of Dyson's skills will take its toll on my department. I do hope a second physician can be added at the next starbase. " Romon replied.

Ambassador Sarah Jane came into the conference room dressed in the 20th century business suit she wore as she brokered peace on the planet below. She was carrying the same tattered handbag that's always with her. "We missed the Earth Christmas holiday... and in the spirit of goodwill..." she said as she opened her handbag and seemed to withdraw a present for everyone from it, never mind it's physically impossible for them to all fit in the purse, "a small gift of the season. Something to delight your taste buds." Finally she came to the Captain and pulled out a five hundred year old bottle of Scotch Whisky, "and the best for our Captain."

Kurt Hartmann had been impressed by his Skipper's piloting on the planet below. The German was unsure, with all 3000+ flight hours and nearly that in sim time, that he could have made that near-perfect shot. His respect for his Captain went beyond professional now; he respected him as a fellow pilot.

"Zu der Huepfer!*" Hartmann rang out, his fist in the air. The German word 'Huepfer' was not exactly translatable, but the closest approximation would be 'skipper'.

R'nard also walked in. He heard of the coming shore leave. He didn't understand the festival which just had happened. It was a strange Terran festival where they killed a tree and then decorated it and sang to it about a horned animal with a bright red nose. Humans were odd at times.

Daisy walked into the room all smiles and a bounce in her step. "Greetings everyone!" Cheerfully as she took her seat at the conference table.

Aiden-Max perked up as Daisy walked in, "how is your lovely mother doing," he asked as he watched her take a seat. "I wish your visit could have been under better circumstances."

Daisy shrugged. "Mothers fine and happily settled now." Giving Aiden a warm smile as she relaxed back in her seat.

Sara Jane smiled as she opened up her handbag again and produced a large gift wrapped tin of mixed gourmet nuts and handed it to Lt. R'Nard, "a gift I think you will appreciate." She walked by Hartman and pulled out a rather large Stollen pastry that somehow was still warm and smelled fresh from the oven, "Fröhliche Weihnachten" she said as she placed the gift wrapped pastry in his hands. She then made her way over to Daisy and produced a gift wrapped tin of gourmet French Truffels, "I don't think your mood can be lifted any higher... this is for you."

Hartmann admired the pastry for a few seconds before taking a large chunk of it off with his teeth.

"Danke meine dame; diese gesmeckt mir."** the German said through the pastry in his mouth.

Aiden watched in amazement wondering how the bag was producing more than the mass it occupied. The ambassador pulled up a chair and sat down beside him, "that's an interesting bag you have."

"Oh," she smiled, "I almost forgot you... heres one with your name on it." She handed him a large tin of chocolate chip cookies. "The bag is the latest fashion from Gallifrey, a place outside of the federation's space."

"If we can get back on topic for a few minutes, we'll be putting in at the Corsica colony for some much needed R and R, along with an inspection from the corps of engineers, they want to review the warp drive modifications and the refit in general, so all of us largely will have the seven days we're in port there." John said in a I'd like to get back to my quarters and pack, voice.

Kelly quickly typed Corsica Colony into the terminal built into the conference table and when the information on the colony appeared on the small screen she threw it up to the large viewing screen on the wall behind the Captain for everyone to see.

Aiden-Max's eyes met Kelly's in the moment... the symbiont stirred a deep well of memories and stored emotions within him. He glanced at Romon who was also seated at the table recovering from his recent ordeal. Max flooded Aiden's mind with images from the past and he gasped in shock... he stared at her and felt embarrassed as the gravity of the realization fell upon him... Romon-Max and Kelly have a past at the Corsica colony, it seemed Max was remembering. His usual light green complexion paled to the point he was almost white and a sense of dread fell upon him as he realized that she most certainly has noticed. "May I be excused for a moment I'm not feeling..." he struggled to complete the lie because he was absolutely feeling in that moment. "I don't feel well, I need to go to the head."

"Uh...yeah." John said watching the exit of the officer, "For the most part everyone will have 72 hours off ship to get some R and R so we can keep the ship operating in a minimal capacity while the engineers do their work, the capital city New Corsica will be our main host city, but those interested in recreation I recommend the town of Carbon for the skiing and snow sports at this time of year."

"Are there any establishments that you wish to be off limits, sir?" Kelly asked. She was already using her PADD to schedule leaves evenly among the crew so the colony would not be overwhelmed with everyone at one time.

"This is a 'friendly' planet so we're largely free to roam." John remarked.

"Very friendly indeed," Ambassador Smith added, "please remind all crew if any of them choose to engage in romantic activities with the locals that they will need proper inoculation upon return to the ship. I would guess that sick bay will be quite busy as most of the inhabitants will give it away for free... but it is legal to sell that service and those that sell it..." she chuckled, "excell in it."

Hartmann frowned mildly at the last comment; he personally did not approve of such activities, but did not usually begrudge those who partook in such recreations.

R'nard bowed as he took the canister of mixed nuts. "Thank you, milady." he said. "You must be this Sandy Claws I have heard of."

The lady chuckled, "no sir, I am Ambassador Sara Jane Smith... and like to spread a little joy in the season."

Romon looked over to Kelly and spoke quietly. Given the recent events he was hardly in a spiritive mood and preferred to stay aboard rather than meander off ship.

" I'm not going down. Go with Aiden and M'rrrlena and have some fun. I'll be needed here after everyone returns with hangovers."

Kelly shook her head. "I have a lot of reports to catch up on so I'm staying," she whispered and the look in her eye said the subject wasn't up for discussion. She looked back over at the Captain and asked, "any further orders, sir?"

"My guess is we're going to be busy either way, unless someone has new business I think we're done here until we arrive in orbit in just over an hour." John replied.

Kelly looked around at the other officers and, seeing nobody had anything to add she said, "meeting adjourned." As the other officers began to get up and file out of the room, Kelly walked over to John and said, quietly, " sir...if you have a moment...."

"Something on your mind commander?" John asked.

Daisy got up and fled the Conference room, heading to her usual spot on the ship. Bridge was the first stop to check up on the on duty pilot. Seeing things were going okay, she left to get ready for the planet side shore leave.

Aiden returned to the conference room as others were leaving he walked over to the seat next to Sara Jane and picked up the tin of Cookies, he looked distraught, "Pardon me Ma'am."

"It's alright," She said, "do you feel better?"

"Um," he said shepishly, "I have had a life altering experience... and need to lean to deal with it." He smiled at her, "I'll be ok. Did I miss much?"

"Just be careful on the planet, the people down there are very friendly," she said as she winked.

"Gotta go," he said, "have things to get done." He left the room as quickly as possible avoiding eye contact with Commander Michaels.

Sara Jane looked puzzled and said to her self, "that's an odd fellow."

Kelly waited until everyone was out of earshot and she looked at John. "I want to apologize for putting myself and the doctor at risk on the planet. I shouldn't have entered the laboratory without suiting up," she said with sincerity. "I was careless and it almost cost the doctor his life. I also want to apologize for not being at your side during the conflict. I allowed my personal relationship to consume me and I was derelict of my duties," she said, humbly. "I promise it will never happen again, sir."

"We'll deal with this at a later date since the affair is considered closed." John said.

"Yes, sir," Kelly said quietly. "Thank you."

M'rrrlena quietly walked into the conference room inspecting that it was clean and orderly for the next use of it. She walked by Kelly and said, "Have you seen Aiden... he's been avoiding me?"

"No. Sorry," Kelly replied as she shut off the display on the viewing screen and grabbed her PADD and the gift the Ambassador had given her.

James didn't have anything to say in the meeting and when the Captain dismissed them he simply left the room.

Kelly waited until everyone was out of the room and then she said, "lights out," and as the room went dark she headed for the officer's mess to get some breakfast and post the shore leave schedule then she would check in with security to make sure they were up to speed on check out and check in procedures.

M'rrrlena was picking up some stollen crumbs on the floor when the lights went out. Her eyes naturally adjusted to the darkness as she stood up, "guess someone's got a lot on her mind." She said as she deposited the crumbs in the waste receptacle. She looked out at the planet from the windows of the conference room and sighed, "my you are a pretty world... can't wait to visit you."


* Zu der Huepfer - Zoo Dare Hoop-fur: to the skipper

** Danke meine dame, diese gesmeckt mir - Don-kay mine-ah dom-ah, dies-ah guh-smecked mir: Thank you my lady, this is very good (as in, tasty)


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