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Getting off on the wrong foot

Posted on Mon Dec 28th, 2015 @ 11:17pm by 1st Lieutenant Daniel Brady

Mission: Mission 5: Shore leave (Finally!)
Location: Starbase 12 / USS Victory
Timeline: Current


[Starbase 12 - Security Brig Holding Facilities]

"Excessive consumption of alcohol, drunken and disorderly conduct, attempted assault and battery," the security officer raised his voice slightly because he knew the Marine would be suffering a hangover from the night before. With a smirk he continued, "You're just-"

"Will you shut up?" Daniel said, wincing at the immense thumping in his skull. He was definitely hung over and all the loud noises, including the idiot talking, were combining and it hurt like hell. His mouth and throat were dry so it hurt to talk. "I get it: I screwed up again. Third strike, blah blah. I've got a few personal issues and that guy topped my night off, what of it? Can I get some water?"

The security officer, an Ensign, simply looked at him before moving toward the desk to pick up a PaDD. "No, but I can do you one better: the Major wants you out of here. Came in about an hour ago with these transfer orders and said 'When he wakes up, give him this. He's finished here.' Then he left." The Ensign deactivated the force field and handed the orders to Brady.

Sitting up, Daniel took a quick look at the orders, "The USS Victory. How ironic I'm going there. When do they want me to go?"

"The time is now 1315, and the last shuttle is leaving at 1600. They're willing to take charge of you whenever you're able to be there." The Ensign moved again to take the cuffs off the Marine, helping him to a somewhat standing position before stepping back a couple of paces, "By the way, the Major also said that this is your last chance and he's already reported your recent actions and misdemeanour's to HQ."

"Good on him." Brady's voice was sarcastic as he leant against the wall and steadied himself. After a few moments, "Right. I'll be off then." He staggered out and down the corridor. No one knew what was going on in his personal life at that moment.

[USS Victory - Shuttle Bay]

The shuttle ride over had been a bit of a bumpy one and it didn't help that Daniel had been suffering from a severe migraine for the past couple of days. It felt like someone was taking a hammer and constantly smashing it against his head in one spot. Daniel winced at the amount of noise around him as he stepped off the shuttle and threw the two bags that contained his whole life over his shoulder.

The same shuttle that had brought Daniel to the Victory took off and the sound resonated in his head. Again. Cursing quietly to himself and copping a few stares from various crewmen, he walked through the doors and went to head down the corridor to the turbo lift to find Security and get his affairs in order before he went to see the Captain.

"Oh this is going to be fun..." He hoisted the bags a little more onto his shoulder and started walking again. Hopefully in the right direction.


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