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Personal Log - Post Mission 2

Posted on Fri Sep 18th, 2015 @ 8:33pm by Ensign Aiden McLeod PHD


After the mess I just encountered I have to wonder if being an Orion trader would be less dangerous than a Starfleet Officer. I'm sure glad this mess is over. I am thankful my assistant M'rrrlena has joined me on this ship.

I can take great comfort that the food here is as good as it is on earth, I was dreading having to eat from a replicator. I guess there are advantages to being stationed on such an older ship.

The XO seems to be pretty nice, I've not had much interaction with the captain. The Doctor seems competent and I'm fascinated by his non humanoid android assistant. I'm also disturbed by the other crew referring to him as a "toaster". I guess working with photonics and other synthetic life forms has made me want to stick up for their rights.

My bloody Orion biology is driving me crazy... I seem to be hungrier in space than I am on Earth. I don't want to disturb the rest of the crew but I'm constantly having my stomach rumble. It's bad enough growing up on Earth hearing about how the Orions eat humans from the other school kids. I don't want my incessant hunger to disturb the rest of the crew.

Priscilla, my cat... or living doll as M'rrrlena calls her doesn't seem to mind being in space at all. She lays on the porthole window and stares out into space... I don't know what fascinates her about it, but she seems to enjoy it.

I brought quite a significant stash of real coffee on board, my only pleasure that I feared I would have to give up. Only to find the Officer's cafeteria serves real coffee. I'm going to share some of my Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee with the XO. It's very rare and I paid a lot of gold-pressed-latinum for it. Those Ferrengi wankers buy up all the good stuff and resell it for thrice what it is worth.

Anyhow I've saved the peach pie for last... I'm going to devour it and then lay down for a bit of sleep before heading to the bridge to familiarize myself with it's layout. My quarters is very nice, much bigger than my apartment at starfleet headquarters. I never expected to have so much room, but I'm told that the old excelsior class ships tend to have nicer quarters. They certainly have great officer's dining... damn this pie is good.

End of Log


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