Mission 5: Shore leave (Finally!)

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Mission Info

Status Current Mission
Description The Crew are given shore leave following the investigation, while many of the crew attempt to rest The Captain must face his demons, and his brother.
Start Date Sun Dec 20th, 2015 @ 7:14pm

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
RIP Dyson
by Commander Kelly Michaels & Captain John Wallace & Lieutenant Commander Romon Max & Lieutenant JG Kendra Shaw & Ensign Zarvice
MD 5 - 1 1130 Victory
Fancy Some Lunch?
by Captain John Wallace & Lieutenant Sara Smith
MD5-1 1100 Captains Quaters
Music Time With Friends
by Lieutenant JG Kendra Shaw
Holodeck 1
On the prowl
by Commander Kelly Michaels & Civilian Katherine McMathis & Chief Petty Officer M'rrrlena
MD5 - 1 0920 Officers Mess
Getting off on the wrong foot
by 1st Lieutenant Daniel Brady
Current Starbase 12 / USS Victory
XO in the head while in the head
by Commander Kelly Michaels & Ensign Aiden McLeod PHD
MD5 - 1 0815 Head (Bathroom) off of main bridge
Mission Briefing: shore leave!
by Ensign Aiden McLeod PHD & Captain John Wallace & Commander Kelly Michaels & Lieutenant Commander Romon Max & Major James Conelly Jr & Lieutenant Sara Smith & Lieutenant Kurt Hartmann & Lieutenant JG Daisy Skie-Cloud & Lieutenant JG R'nard Lokran
MD5-1 0800 Main Briefing room

Mission Summary

The crew are on leave following the Terran VII mission. Many of them are taking full advantage of the time to either rest of catch up on their paper work. While others find out more about themselves.