Mission 5: Shore leave (Finally!)

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The Crew are given shore leave following the investigation, while many of the crew attempt to rest The Captain must face his demons, and his brother.


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A distant planet that has shown signs of high concentrations of dicoslium (which is used in the manufacturing of wave converters) has been discovered. The problem is that there is a small colony of peaceful farmers with no technology so we are sent to observe them in preparation for first contact.

Mission 0: Arrivals

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USS Victory after a lengthy refit is en route to star base 22 where she will undergo any final repairs and a recommissioning ceremony, but its clear the new captain is either very reluctant or feels in over his head. The Crew begin to gather as they do so they await the unknown.

Mission 1: I prefer the routine

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The Victory is on a patrol when they receive a distress call from a freighter.

Mission 2: Testing the waters

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The crew are asked to participate in a weapons test with a controversial designer.

Mission 4: Trouble in Paradise

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Terran XII has asked for assistance following allegations that and element of organized crime have been attempting to infiltrate into this once peaceful world.