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1st Lieutenant Daniel Brady

Name Daniel J.K Brady

Position Marine Executive Officer

Rank 1st Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2
Weight 81 kg
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Daniel is an average height for his age and a little on the lighter side with his weight. His hair is kept a little longer on the back and sides, with a faux-hawk on the top. He keeps in shape and has a perfectly toned body to go with it, and his eyes are blue. A scar from getting attacked by a wild animal wraps around his ribs.


Father Skylar John Brady
Mother Cassidy Anne Marriot
Brother(s) Xavier Steven Jack Brady
Bradley Liam Brady
Damian Leigh Brady
Samuel Gregory Brady
Nikolai Simon Brady
Other Family Various aunts and uncles

Personality & Traits

General Overview Nicknamed "Joker", a name that has carried over since school, Daniel cracks all the right jokes and can lift the mood instantly wherever he is.

When the situation becomes serious though, Brady’s attitude and demeanor will change like the click of two fingers from being extremely caring, funny and somewhat outlandish to cold, hard, steely eyes and down-right aggressive due to his upbringing, training and experiences.

Romance is not one of his strong suits: he has no clue what to do when it comes to girls. If Daniel finds the right girl for him, he will be forever loyal and will do right by her and do anything for her, whatever it is.

Overall, Daniel J.K Brady is one of the few honest good guys left in what seems to be the human race and will do anything for his family and is one of the best people to have as an ally though one of the worst to have as an enemy.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Having a level head in any situation that arises.
+ Being there for his platoon and fellow comrades through thick and thin.
+ A working knowledge of weapons and defence systems.
- Being a good role model to younger Marines and setting a good example.
- Being too compassionate with people he doesn't know too well.
- When he gets involved in a battle situation, Daniel will not give up until the enemy or target is destroyed.
Ambitions To become the best Marine possible and eventually find the right girl and settle down with her and start a family.
Hobbies & Interests Loves playing all types of sports and mixed martial arts including ninjitsu and jujitsu.
Weapons (all forms of them)
Weaponry systems
Running and exercising to keep a level head
Chilling out to music

Personal History Growing Up

Daniel Brady was born 24th September 2360, in Vancouver, Canada, to proud parents Skyler John and Cassidy Anne Brady and older brothers Samuel Gregory and Nikolai Simon Brady. Growing up, Daniel was constantly surrounded by his brothers and therefore really didn't have a feminine influence as his father Skyler had divorced his mother Cassidy when he was just 5 and a half, almost 6.

At the age of 4, Daniel was introduced to the world of martial arts and excelled in most forms, especially karate and judo. It became evident through the many fights with his brothers and father that Daniel was going to be a handful when he reached elementary school. That statement proved no ounce of mistruth.

When he turned 5 and started elementary school, Daniel was continuously starting and causing fights with the other kids as he was getting bored with the class work and wanted to be more active. Daniel excelled at many sports as well, placing him in the state and national championships for sports.

At the age of 11, Daniel finished elementary school and progressed onto high school, being suspended numerous times and expelled for causing and being involved in fights. His parents decided together, even though they had been divorced for some time now, that because of his rowdiness, fighting and disturbances in class, Daniel would be sent to military school in the slim hope of it settling him down just enough to make him a decent human being.

Military School Life

Daniel really enjoyed his 5 years at military school as he learnt so much more about the military life than what he would have at just the normal high school. He even figured out his entire future after being there around 2 years.

In his second year, Daniel was introduced via his friends to dangerous and less advanced combat fighting that involved weapons and martial arts. His quick reflexes and unconventional fighting style quickly gained Daniel a less than desirable reputation. One fighting match saw Daniel kick out his foot and snap the bone in his opponents leg, and another opponent was in the school hospital for two weeks with a major concussion and severe bleeding in the ear canal.

Another incident occurred with Daniel in his third year where he tried to fight back from an unprovoked attack but was beaten into unconsciousness and stabbed just below the ribs by some of his fellow classmates about an hour before sunrise. He was "found" by the same people who had assaulted him and taken the long way to the all too familiar school hospital.

In the back of his mind, there was always the possibility of following his older brother Nikolai’s footsteps and joining Starfleet as a Marine, although he did not express any indication of wanting to join out loud. He graduated at the age of 17 at the top of his practical classes, having set new records for most activities and he graduated towards the middle of his theory classes. Having finished school, Daniel was working until he was old enough to sign up for the Marines, something his grandfather and older brother Nikolai did for a career.

Marine Boot Camp

Nothing out of the ordinary happened with Daniel Brady during his time at Marine Boot Camp, except for receiving the already established nickname of ‘Joker’ by his fellow Marines as he was always the one to crack a joke at the most random of times, even out on the bush phases.

At the age of 21, Brady graduated and majored in Advanced Weaponry and Stealth Technology. He was assigned aboard the USS Pegasus as a Weapons Specialist at the rank of 2nd Lieutenant.
Service Record 2378 – 2381: Marine Officer Training Academy

2382 – 2384: USS Pegasus – Weapons Specialist

2385 – Early 2386: Working with Starfleet Intelligence and Marine Corps

Early 2386: Accepted onto USS Discovery – Marine Executive Officer

2388 - 2391: Reassigned to Deep Space 5 - Marine Executive Officer