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Ensign Aiden McLeod

Name Aiden Connor McLeod PHD

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human / Orion
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 6'5"
Weight 230
Hair Color Bald / Skin pale green
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Aiden is the son of a human trader Morag McLeod who was captured by the Orions. Before her rescue she was forced to marry a particularly cruel Orion male who impregnated her. Aiden was the resulting child, whom she loved dearly and raised him back on earth in her native homeland of Ireland. He speaks with a very distinct Irish brogue.

Aiden is very intelligent, and athletic... he stands six foot five inches tall and is very muscular. While his size is imposing he carries himself much as someone who is very educated.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Orion Trader named Snarg / Stepfather Captain Richard "Ricky" King
Mother Morag Caledonia Mcleod-King
Brother(s) 1/2 Brother - James Patrick King
Sister(s) 1/2 Sister - Siobhan Abi King-Justice
Other Family Aunt Madeline McLeod

Personality & Traits

General Overview McCloed is a laid back person who takes a long time to feel comfortable in any environment. While he is warm and friendly once approached he tends to keep to himself and not go where he is uninvited.

Has PHD's in the following subjects:

Molectular Biology
Anthropology / Archaeology
Organic Chemistry
Applied Mathematics

He is very loyal to those he befriends. He trusts his friends completely until they give him a reason not to. Lies and deception will hurt any relationship with him as he tends to be overly honest.

While his skin is definitely green it's not the dark pronounced green of a typical orion... the pale Irish human genes muted his skin tone to that of a pale mint green.

At the time of this writing Aiden has just lost his mother and his half siblings have little to do with him. His stepfather hated him and cares little about him... he has one Aunt that he loves deeply but other than that most of his family is estranged.
Strengths & Weaknesses Aiden is very intense with his knowledge of Science, while he has adequate knowledge of physics his primary discipline is the Biological sciences. While his scientific knowledge is top notch, he lacks a lot of social skills and finds gatherings of large groups of people uncomfortable. He also has an eidetic memory and is able to memorize and recall volumes of information and recall it with precision. This means he must take the time to read the material at the speed of a normal human to absorb it... he is in no way a walking encyclopedia like an android. He remembers every textbook and scientific article he has read also can recall starfleet regulations that he studied while at the academy.

He is self conscious of being half Orion and having green skin which makes it very difficult for him to approach and befriend new people. Orions do not have hair and his skin is perfectly smooth with no visible hair follicles. He considers his appearance very awkward, while most females are intrigued and curious about him.
Ambitions His ambition is to command a science station on a planet or a research base. In order to reach that goal he must serve on a starship first. His immediate ambition is to become a valued member of the starship crew as this is his first tour of duty in space.
Hobbies & Interests When not pursuing research experiments he does for leisure, Aiden enjoys martial arts, holodeck novels, swimming, and dining on food from other cultures. He is especially intrigued with the culinary delights of the planet Vulcan.

Personal History Aiden was born on earth after his mother's rescue and raised there. Seldom has he been to space except for the occasional school field trip or meeting on a starbase.

He has had one injury when he was going through Starfleet academy where an anti-gravity material sled failed and dropped on his legs crushing them beyond repair. He has a biomechanical replacement limbs giving him extra endurance when running or performing athletics.

Aiden was awarded the United Federation of Planet's humanitarian award for developing a cure for a previously incurable infection that plagued a colony in the Rigelian system.

Service Record The past 11 years Aiden has been stationed at Starfleet Headquarters in San Fransisco. He has been very successful in his career and has ambitions to move up to command and take his research out into the field.

In order to do this he has to serve on a Starship... which he has never done. Due to demands in his expertise he has been able to spend most of his career on Earth. However, his commanding officers have gave him the ultimatum the it is now time for him to either take to space and move on or not have any further career advancement.