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Captain John Wallace

Name John Micheal Wallace

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3
Weight 220 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color green
Physical Description John is typical of most Starfleet pilots, physically fit, short hair, and a stare that could make cement crack, but unlike most Pilots John bears the scars of being held captive during the Dominion war and makes no effort to hide those scars.


Spouse none
Children none
Father Jean-Micheal
Mother Dianne
Brother(s) Jarred (CIO DS5)
Other Family too many too list

Personality & Traits

General Overview John unlike his brother he's not reckless when taking risks, but will lead a charge into battle before sending his troops in with out him.
Strengths & Weaknesses (+) Fair leader to his marines/staff
(+) Willing to take the same risks he expects of his troops
(-) Does tend to resent his brother and the reputation that comes with that
(-) Unwilling to send his troops into a "suicide mission"
Ambitions a driven commander but he struggles to separate himself from the large shadow of his brother.
Hobbies & Interests John participates in Sport shooting and has won several awards, He's also known to on occasion participate in diving and other loosely organized sporting activities.

Personal History John Wallace was born on the Utopia Planitia Collony Mars to parents Jean-Micheal and Dianne, the second od two children William wasn't facinated by starships, he instead was interested in the martial arts and other outdoor activites.

As he grew older John didin't excel in the acedemics but did quite will in the physical areas of his education. While his brother who soon became the acedemic hero at home would go on to join starfleet, John or "Wild Bill" as he was becoming known fumbled through to the completion of his secondary schooling.

Unable to join starfleet he took a job as a labourer at the ship yards while he tried to figure out his future. One day while working with a co-worker on removing some empty shipping containers he learned of the Marines and the fact they were looking for recruits.

During what would be his last shift he went into the recruiting office and signed up on the spot, when he returned from his break Will resigned and left for earth to begin his training as a marine.

For just over ten months William trudged through the swamps and fields that surrounded the marine trainng ground, and floated in the emptyness of space as he learned to board starships.

In the days following his graduation from the Marine Academy he was assigned too the 125th Marine Expeditionary force as a communications specialist, but would taste combat in a short time as war with the Dominion and Cardassia was looming.

After three bloody defeats and casualties that continued to climb Will found him self promoted too Master Cheif Warrant Officer. Looking to get into the action William used his brother credentials to plan a daring raid on a Dominion held planet near the DMZ.

The raid was a simple diversionary action while the rest fo the fleet could extract any forces that were cut off during the withdrawal from that area. It went tragically wrong and he was captured.

For the next nine years William was a prisoner of the Breen and Cardassians. Then in early 2384 when most of the captured troops had given up hope a raiding party from Deep Space five arrived to liberate the troops.

After five months of debreifing and spending time with his family, william was recalled with the option to take a full officer commision or he could fulfill his remaining term with the marine corp and walk away to civilan life.
Service Record 125th Expeditionary 3rd division, squad Commanader.
POW 2372-2384